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Busy Busy with Birthdays

15 Apr

So I have been quite busy the last week what with Easter, two birthdays, sorting out work experience, AND my 2nd cousin coming to stay – consequently having to keep her entertained! Well trying to! Unfortunately the weekend was so busy that I didn’t get a chance to be creative with ‘Easter themed’ anything which I would have liked to do. I did however make chocolate fudge Birthday cupcakes for my friends 23rd Birthday, as well as Vanilla/Chocolate marbled cupcakes for a good friends 25th Birthday. Both went down a storm and recieved much apreciation so I had a big 😀 Saturday night was a night out at ‘The Playboy Club’ in Mayfair…well I have to say I enjoyed getting glammed up and the evening was great even though it was full of a pretentious lot! NOTE – See the cupcake with an attempted playboy bunny below!

Apologies for the rubbish photo quality! I was rushing to get to the destination and had to settle with taking a last minute snapshot!

Photo sent to me after demolition…spot the playboy bunny? It apparently took the friend a while to figure out that it was not just an ‘easter bunny’…but that was due to her OCD organisation state that night…according to her. The flowers used for decoration are made by me too.


Sweeeeet Brunch

22 Mar

After being in Australia for nearly two years (tears fall as I reminisce and dream of being back there…Melbourne I LOVE you!) I became quite accustomed to their vocabulary/slang and their love of healthy food! So this morning I was deciding on porridge or eggs…and the result was definitely ‘sweeeet!’ (basically means awesome). So, sorry it is not sweet as in sugary…which isn’t a good choice for breakfast/brunch anyway unless you’re in France indulging in a light, flakey, buttery croissant – YUM! OR a bowl of fruit :).
What I made was toasted rye bread with avocado, mushrooms, a poached egg, and a dollop of tomato sauce. Protein, good fats AND low GI carbs there!

I made the perfect Poached egg…best one i’ve ever made! I do it by simmering water in a pan, add a drop of white wine vinegar, crack the egg into a small ramekin then carefully slide it into the simmering water and cook for about 4 minutes then drain on kitchen paper…perfect. Runny middle rocks!

Now…I bet you’re thinking “ok all this healthy stuff is nice but what about the cakes promised?!” :p
Well remember I cook/bake to keep myself sane…for health and for happiness. Being healthy now and then is a priority, but being indulgent is not a bad thing either! What is it that they say…everything in moderation?
I do have some sweet things in store for you, this weekend I have a dessert request for a for a dinner party so I will be posting that on Sunday hopefully. I also have two birthdays coming up which I think will be cupcake gifts, and lets not forget easter goodies!
Happy Thursday! 😀