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Results of Last Weekends’ Dinner Party

1 Apr

Since moving back home after travelling I have inevitabley been roped back into making the dessert for mums’ dinner parties. I usually go for the brilliant Pavlova because it’s easy and delicious. But this time I thought i’d try something else so I turned to the books, it’s funny how I know there’s sooo many recipes I want to try out but when I get the chance to I can never remember where I saw them! So after rummaging through my cupboard of cook books I settled on a Honey and Pear Gateaux style cake from ‘The Hummingbird Bakery’ cook book. Turned out delicious…but very sweet especially with the cream cheese buttercream frosting. Made some decoration for the top also – Bubble Sugar and a Sugarpaste Pear and honeycomb.