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20 Mar

Hello!!!! Oh dear I need to apologise for lack of posting! So we all know it was mothers day on Sunday…Well I did a tasty meal for my lovely mum. It was an asian style sirloin steak salad with asparagus and watercress, and then for dessert I did individual baked chocolate mousses…UNFORTUNATELY this is a bit of a tease as I didn’t get a chance to take any photos! It was all very rich though and consequently I haven’t felt like baking (which would inevitably end up in eating) cakes! I’ve also been quite stressed out about the job hunt! I have a possible trial for an internship with a cupcake company so fingers crossed!  So today I did a few butterfly sugarpaste decorations with glitter. I also had the idea to do some ’emoticon’ themed sugarpaste deco too but I will post that in the next few days!

I have just run 3 miles in preparation for a Sports Relief run that i’m doing on Sunday (further information below if you are so kind to be interested 🙂 )and my calf muscle is consequently hurting a little so i’m thinking an early night for me! BUT I am going to do some HEALTHY baking tommorow in the form of Granola Oat Bars so stay tuned for the recipe! Goodnight!