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The Beginning…

13 Mar

SO firstly HELLO! My name is Sophie I have been meaning to create a blog for a loooong time and only just getting my act together and doing it! In this crazy world we all need something to keep our minds busy and baking is my way of doing just that! Here at BakeMeSane you will find my ongoing experimentations – cakes, cupcakes, maybe even some cake decorationing. For those of you with a sweet tooth but an angel and a devil on your shoulder like myself I have some great HEALTHIER options too which I will post recipes of soon!
So please check back at my page in the next few days and follow me because ima be baking tommorow! Possibly Caramel Cupcakes! Yumm
But for now I will leave you with the full monty of my gingerbread men from above 😉 enjoy…