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6:30am wake up…and the result – Caramel Cupcakes with Caramel Filling and Buttercream Frosting!

14 Mar

I woke up über early this morning feeling fresh…this seems to happen when I know I’m going to be doing some baking in the kitchen. Having qualified catering college about 2 years ago then deciding to fly off to Australia and NZ for 2 years of travelling and working (except not as a pastry chef) I recently returned. Now I am finding myself in the limbo stage with my life…all those questions like what am I going to do next, should I pursue the pastry chef world or go down a different route? Am I good enough is a main question that keeps popping into my head! All I know at the moment is that ultimately I dream of having my own cake/cupcake business and that is something that won’t go away.
I’m currently experimenting with flavours and decoration ideas as I’d like to start selling at my local markets sometime soon, so if anybody reading this lives in the Surrey area please follow my blog and be sure to keep an eye out for Sophie’s Cakes/BakeMeSane (possibly Epsom market).  All in the planning at the moment!

So here we are with the results of my day…the first ‘filled’ cupcake attempt and quite successful I’d say. I wanted to try switching up my usual cupcake recipe VERY sweet though with the caramel filling and buttercream frosting together so maybe something I would try to correct. I started off making the caramel filling which unusually required evaporated milk instead of condensed, so when it cools it’s more like a fudge. The cupcake sponge is a usual vanilla recipe with the use of brown sugar instead of white, and evaporated milk instead of semi-skimmed to give it that golden, toffee like flavour. To top the cupcake off is a simple vanilla/caramel buttercream frosting with some edible gold glitter of course (I love my glitter). TASTE TEST…I cut the cupcake in half intending to only eat half…but that did not work as my will power is just not up to scratch at the moment so consequently I ate the whole thing and it was well worth it!!
I wasn’t sure whether to tell you this either…but my cat Pepe also managed to nab himself a cake too the cheeky minx. I think he liked it.